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Rotatory Gate TR-8216A


A high and extremely reliable vertical turnstile for access control and channelling of people.

It differs from other turnstile models because of its external measurements and its control system which use rotary control arms.

The user enters the space between the arms, and once access is authorised, pushes the arm or panel and enters the enclosure. The arms are left in position for the next person’s access.

The dimensions of the compartments have been specially designed to achieve fluid traffic, as they allow a person to pass through at a normal walking speed, facilitating the flow of users. Likewise, and thanks to a special mechanism design, as a person enters, another compartment is available to be occupied by an individual, with automatic blocking to a locked position.

Estimated traffic in optimum conditions is 3 seconds per person, without counting the reading time in the event that a card reader is being used.

Structure in AISI-304 or AISI-316 1.5 mm thick rectangular and rounded satin finish stainless steel tube, composed of:

  1. 3 or 4 arm rotary element consisting of rectangular panels made from tube with curved edges. Polished gloss finish.
  2. Closure bar to stop another person entering when the arms are turning.
  3. Guide bar for channelling the passage.
  4. Control mechanism adapted to a determined operation, with a positioning and damping system for the arms. Treatment of the components and greased bearings are for the whole life.
  5. A U-shape beam is set into the ground for support of the rotating axle.It can be made without central beam, in order to avoid the civil works in installations which this is difficult to carry out.
  6. Down tube where the card reader housing support is fitted.
  7. Electronic control panel, with a 220 V 50 Hz power supply at a working voltage of 24 V with connection terminals for control elements and accessories, fuse, transformer and programming switches.
  8. Top cover for special protection of the central part where the turnstile mechanism and electronics are housed.

Descarga Hoja TecnicaTR-8216ADescarga Hoja Técnica TR-8216A