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Rotatory Gate TR-8300

Motorized turning turnstile of medium height for the canalisation and counting control.

It differs from other models of bell cranks by its outer measures and its system of pitch control by means of three vanes of control.

The user gets into the space between vanes and when it is authorised, with a slight pressure in the panel, this one turns automatically and allows the access, being the vanes positioned for a new person.

The dimensions of the compartments have specially been studied to obtain a free-flowing traffic, as it allows the circulation of a person at the normal walking rate, facilitating the flow of users.

Also and thanks to a special design of the mechanism, at each step, there is a compartment in situation of being occupied by an individual, with automatic positioning at closed position.

The estimated traffic in optimal conditions is of three seconds per person without counting the time of reading in those cases when a card reader is used.

Structure in stainless steel round tube AISI-304 or in AISI-316 of 1.5 mm of a thickness and a satin finish composed of:

  1. Vane or turning arm of 3 leaves of security glass of 10 mm from the arm to the ground, at medium height or with panel formed with metallic tube.
  2. Barrier guide for the canalisation of the way.
  3. Barrier lock to avoid the passage of another person in the opposite direction when the vanes are turning.
  4. Control mechanism is adapted to the determined operation, with a system of automatic motorized positioning. Processing of the pieces and bearings lubricated for life.
  5. Electrical control switchboard where the electronic board of manoeuvre is located, with a feeding to 230 V 50 Hertz voltage of work at 24 V with connection strip for control elements and accessories, fuse, transformer and programming switches.

Descarga Hoja TecnicaTR-8300Descarga Hoja Técnica TR-8300