ARGUSA | Control de accesos

Access Gates

Sliding panels and concealable, swing and collapsible wings. Equipment with hinged panel system, hinged and sliding concealable. Structure or body which shut out the panels that step and that once received the order to open swing towards the inside of the cabinet is hinged, hinged or sliding.

For motor control models one or both directions of passage (Uni or bidirectional), commanded by any card reader, readers adaptation depending on the model in the same structure with placement of pictograms, etc.

Photo cell system for control, security and alarm. Best suited for indoor or outdoor surveillance with minimal protected from inclement weather. Models with manual and mechanical lock, magnetic or electric.

Availability of special aisle width for the passage of persons with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

VIRTUAL ACCESS GATE. Without panel. Access gate to free passage without panel controlled by photocells and card reader. Wide corridor to the extent required.