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Access Gate AP-110S

This is based on the obstacle free passage system and its functions are controlled by infrared beam cells. It can be installed in any area of supervised access.

The system consists of a unit, out of the side of which extends a tu-bular barrier that closes off access and operates in the following way:

The barrier is always up, closing off access. It retracts by dropping downwards and concealing itself inside the unit on reception of an authorisation signal from a reader or push button. It allows one person to pass through, controlled by a photocell, and closes again once this has taken place. In the case that two people try to pass through at the same time, the system creates an audible alarm signal that an intrusion has been detected. As a security measure, the unit is equipped with a photocell system that stops the panel from rising up and hitting users while they are still in the passageway.

Bodywork in AISI-304 or AISI-316 1.5 mm thick burnished finish stainless steel.

Front panels with security closures provide access to the control devices installed in the turnstile and facilitate the fixing of the unit to the floor.

Removable top cover for accessing the mechanism and for greater ease of carrying out installation and maintenance tasks. Locked with a security key.

Adaptation of readers or control elements on the ends of the unit as they are fitted on the surface or the inside of the bodywork, depending on its dimensions and characteristics.

Mechanism adapted to a determined operation, with a positioning and damping system for the panel, with a safety system in case of emergency. Treatment of the components and greased bearings are for the whole life.

The electromechanical assembly consists of: motor, crown and worm gear speed reducer, greased for life. Direct transmission.

Electronic control panel with terminal connections for control components and accessories, fuse, Transformer and programming switches.

Steel tube concealable hinged panel.

Floor mounting using base plates fixed with screws and expansion plugs, supplied with the unit.

Descarga Hoja TecnicaAP-110SDescarga Hoja Técnica AP-110S