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Access Gate PM-300

Motorised gate for pedestrian access control.

The system consists of a pedestal or column, from the side of which extends a tubular barrier that closes off access and operates in only one direction, UNIDIRECTIONAL. The barrier normally remains closed and it opens when it receives an impulse from a remote pushbutton. Once access has taken place, it closes again through a timer action.

Pedestal support made from AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless steel plate that houses the motor and operating mechanism.

Barrier or panel in stainless steal with a methacrylate panel in the centre, maximum length 80 cm.

Fixed to the floor with cable entry through the base.

Top cover with hinge and security lock for accessing the mechanism.

For installations where the unit has to be located next to a wall, a 3 cm space must be left between it and the wall to allow the top cover to be opened.

Door for to access the electronic circuit and power supply.

Electronic control panel.

Descarga Hoja TecnicaPM-300Descarga Hoja Técnica PM-300