Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Argusa addressed to?

At Argusa we target integrators, engineering companies and security installers.

Does ARGUSA equipment also include the readers?

Each one with its own specialty.

In Argusa we are in charge of designing, manufacturing and supplying the furniture of the equipment together with its corresponding electronics. However, we do not supply the readers or the validation systems. In this way, you can use the readers you want, and we will adapt our furniture to accommodate them so that they are perfectly integrated.


The useful life of each equipment will depend to a great extent on the requirements of the installation, the model of equipment selected, its correct use and the type of maintenance it receives, mainly.

However, we offer equipment that, following the pertinent maintenance and use indications, exceed 10 million cycles before failure.

There are still cases of installations whose equipment has been working properly for more than 25 years!

How often do I have to maintain the equipment?

the maintenance of each recommended equipment will depend mostly on the requirements of the installation, the model of equipment selected and its use, among others.

You can request the recommended maintenance guide for your equipment at the following e-mail address: info@argusa.com

What material is the furniture made of?

All our equipment is made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. To this day, it continues to be the material that offers us the most guarantee over the years.

Is AISI 304 stainless steel for indoors and AISI 316 for outdoors?

The type of stainless steel selected will not depend so much on the indoor or outdoor location of the equipment, but on the environment prevailing at the installation site.

Thus, we will recommend AISI 304 stainless steel for dry environments and AISI 316 stainless steel for environments where there is the presence of humidity, salinity or chemical or corrosive particles, regardless of whether the installation is done indoors or outdoors.

I want to install the equipment outside, can I? 

There are models that are only designed for indoors.

For those models that, due to their type, can be installed outdoors, we always recommend checking that they have the essential roofing, exterior sealing and electronic protection, indicated in the optional section of each technical sheet. Without it, we will not be able to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment outdoors.

Do you have any kind of certification?

All our products have been manufactured under the controls established by a Quality and Environmental Management System approved by Bureau Veritas Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:20015, in addition to having the CE certificate.

You can download the certificates here.


Is it our own manufacture?

All ARGUSA products are of our own technology and manufacture, which allows us to adapt to the needs of each project or installation, not only with the equipment but also with the accessories.

What guarantee do I have?

Our equipment is not indestructible, but it does have a series of qualities that we have tested both in the factory and in demanding facilities and we can confirm that they work.

All the products offered are guaranteed for a period of 36 months after the date of the invoice, during which the supply of any damaged part due to a manufacturing defect will be made, provided that the spare parts used have been the original parts of the product, not including deterioration due to misuse or mistreatment of the material, both by third party and own personnel, neither the displacements nor the labor that may have taken place. We decline all responsibility for damages that may be caused by incorrect use or installation.

In addition, we continue to work towards excellence in this area so if you are not satisfied with the result, do not hesitate to write us to info@argusa.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the delivery times of the equipment?

 Our delivery times are subject to the manufacturing and assembly planning load at the time of placing the order, however, we estimate it, depending on the product, in approximately 5 to 8 weeks from the firm acceptance of our offers. and met its requirements.

In those cases in which readers and other accessories have to be adapted to the equipment, the period will start from the date a sample of them is received at our factory in Illescas (Toledo).